5 Factors Before You Pick a Manufacturer for Pharmaceutical Packaging

For any pharmaceutical company, choosing a manufacturer for pharmaceutical packaging is a critical decision. The right choice ensures better returns and performance for the organization. While cost is a major factor, though, there are plenty of considerations that need to be explored to make sure you find the best contract manufacturer.


Pick a local company if there’s one in your area. The closer the firm is, the shorter the delivery times. It’s also easy for your team to pay the firm a visit and do an audit. You won’t need to book flights or pay for hotels to manage incidental costs that inevitably occur.


Does the company have the resources needed to provide you with the products you need? If the firm hasn’t been around for that long, you’ll be one of the manufacturer’s trial run for that product type, increasing the chances of you ending up with results that are less than stellar.


Check out the firm’s track record with the FDA. Are there any recalls attributed to the company? If there are compliance issues, that’s a major factor. It’s best to reconsider your hiring decision if the company is under a warning letter.


Does the firm respond to your emails or texts promptly? If it takes them a few days to send back a reply to your inquiry, that could be indicative of how they’ll be when you hire their services. If the manufacturer isn’t responsive, that affects your business. Look elsewhere to find a CMO capable of providing you with the timely support for your future dealings.


Do you have a hard time getting in touch with the firm? Or is there clear and communication between your firm and the manufacturer? That’s essential in ensuring a good business relationship. It also gives your team insight into how your prospective CMO works, what they value, and if they’re a good fit for you.