5 Benefits of an ASRS System for Your Warehouse

Prevent problems in your warehouse storage with an automated storage and retrieval system. Here’s a list of the benefits you can expect from an ASRS solution.

Better Storage Capacity

You can increase your floor space utilization with an ASRS system. Instead of spending more money on buying more land and expanding your warehouse, determine if you can increase your storage capacity first. An efficient ASRS solution can provide the high-density storage you want in a compact setting.

Integrated Management Features

The best ASRS products and systems have integrated features. These features allow you to organize your inventory in the most efficient way. With inventory management solutions, your ASRS system can manage the space within your storage easily, keeping your inventory packed and compressed tightly. That generates space savings for your business. If you want an efficient floor space, start looking for an ASRS product for your warehouse.

Lower Labor Requirements

Having an automated storage and retrieval system means you can keep your current team. You won’t have to hire more people to handle the increased workload, even as your company expands and fulfills more orders. That helps you save on resources. You won’t have to manage a bigger team or worry about paying their salaries or benefits. Lower labor requirements keep your company small. If you’re not ready to take on more people, an ASRS solution is the best way to move forward. You get additional support without the long-term cost.

Fewer Mistakes

An ASRS improves your pick accuracy. People make mistakes. Manual processes have more room for human errors. An automated system eliminates those problems. You can increase accuracy up to 99.9 percent, allowing you to satisfy more of your clients.

More Pick Throughput

Aside from the pick accuracy, you also get more pick throughput with an automated system than with a human team. With features allowing for batch picking, your business can get multiple orders filled at the same time, doubling your pick throughput rates.