4 Ways You and Your Kids Can Enjoy Fake Snow

If you’re looking to put more fun into your holidays, vacations or parties for your kids, here’s how you can do it with fake snow:

1. Hang Fake Snow Cotton Balls

Want to give your room an instant white wonderland look your kids will love? Impress other parents at your child’s next birthday party? String up a couple of cotton balls and hang them around the room. For a more magical effect, you can make fake snow out of instant fake snow powder and place it in small piles around the room.

2. Make Your Own Snow globes

Who doesn’t like snow globes? They’re bright, merry and add a touch of cute and color to any room in the house. You don’t even have to spend hundreds to get your kids snow globes. You can teach them to make one for themselves. They’re incredibly easy to make. Crazy Little Projects says all you have to do is to get a small jar and your glue gun ready.

Ask your kids to find a figurine or toy they would like to see inside their snow globe. When that’s done, teach them to use the glue gun to put the toy in place. Then watch over them as they fill up the jar with water, glycerin and glitter. Make sure the lid is locked air-tight to avoid messy leaks and spills. Once that’s done, your kids can start shaking their new customized snow globes. You might even want to start a collection.

3. Have a winter wonderland party.

Want to bring the snow inside your home but don’t exactly like the mess it leaves behind? With a snow making machine, it’s easy to get the snow your kids love without the mess. With fake snow, you can design a playroom fit for a snow queen or Olaf’s best buddies. If you don’t see a lot of snow where you live, then fake snow can give your kids the kind of play date or birthday party they’ll remember for ages, complete with snowmen and flying snow balls.

4. Build a winter scene.

You could also build a diorama with your kids or a snow scene, complete with cars, buildings, people and animals. You could recreate famous places around the world or your own favorite family vacations for a more memorable keepsake.

So the next time your kids get bored, show them the many ways they could be creative and have fun with fake snow!

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