4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Patio Tonight

After the sun goes down in the summer, temperatures lower and the fun begins. However, you’ll need good outdoor lighting for patio activities. Here are four ways to brighten up the patio without spending too much money.

1. Mini Flood Lights

Add to your light needs with mini flood lights. They are perfect for highlighting special features. Small floodlights are less intrusive and take up little space. LED bulbs using 5 watts of power are equal to 30 watts of incandescent light. You can choose spot lights or flood lights.

2. Mosquito Control Lighting

Insects love the night life as much as people and can wreak havoc with your fun. You could install some yellow lights, but the mosquitoes may still bite you and your guests. Insect candles present fire hazards. Yet, you’ll find a safe and affordable solution with mosquito repellent lighting systems.

Repellant lighting systems are silent and odorless and use a replaceable cartridge. You also receive these benefits:

  • No batteries or power source needed for insect control only
  • Add to any current low voltage outdoor lighting for patio systems
  • Enjoy beautiful and efficient LED light with insect protection
  • Choose repellent only fixtures in areas where you don’t need light.
  • Adjustable timers let you choose when you want repellent protection.

3. New Uses for Christmas Lights

Instead of storing them, consider Christmas lights for your patio and landscape. For instance, change the bulbs to one color and wrap the lights around poles or tree trunks. Make sure to use LED lights, so that you won’t have any fire hazards.

4. Buy the Best

When you shop for outdoor lighting for patio areas, choose a source specializing in outdoor light supplies. This gives you the best selections, and you’ll save on costs over the years.