4 Tips for Working With Commercial Painters in Honolulu

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Many times, facility managers need commercial painting projects done as soon as possible. When stress and time are an important factor, selecting the right contractor can be crucial. Below are a few customer-tested tips to help others make the right decision.

Know the Company’s Level of Experience

Anyone can hold a roller or paintbrush, and any contractor can paint walls and doors. However, it is important to choose a painting company that works with different substrates. Not all contractors know the differences between coatings and surface materials, and customers should communicate their needs before work begins.

Ensure Proper Scheduling

Finding out early on whether a vendor has the labor force to dedicate to a large project can make a significant difference in the outcome. Time is money, and a rushed painting job usually doesn’t come out well. If the contractor isn’t honest about their capabilities, the customer is the one who suffers. By cutting through the clutter and finding a company that honestly assesses its ability to handle the job, a customer can find the right Commercial Painters in Honolulu.

Find a Contractor That Takes Pride in Their Work

This step may not be as quantifiable as some of the others, but most facility managers know a good painter when they see one. While some employees are just there for a paycheck, others are hard workers who want to make a good impression. A company that treats its employees well will have a labor force that takes pride in its work-;and that pride will show in the results.

Honestly Assess Goals

Commercial painting can be a big expense, and contractors should be aware of the customer’s goals before offering an estimate. Pricing differs depending on the scope of the job, and clear communication of a customer’s expectations can improve overall satisfaction with the results.

From manufacturing facilities to office buildings, the team at David’s Custom Roofing & Painting Inc has seen it all. The areas discussed above are lessons learned by customers throughout the years, and the tips can be applied when choosing Commercial Painters in Honolulu. When a building owner is in a rush, the fastest decision can seem the easiest, but knowing what’s needed can help the owner protect their investment.

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