4 Tips for Pressure Washing Your Home

You could clean your siding, decks and concrete floors that much faster with a pressure washer. Sounds good? Here are a few things you need to consider, though, before you get one:

The size of your home

Unless you’ve got a tiny home, then that electric machine isn’t going to get the job done. They’re much better suited on your cars, patio or if you’ve got small boats. For a bigger home, you might need a gas engine machine. That and a few tools. However, you don’t have to buy them all. Rent them instead, the DIY Network suggests.

Use with tools and cleaning products

Want to remove the mildew from the sides of your house? If the mildew hasn’t been there for very long, you could easily eliminate it with a pressure washer. However, if it already had time to set, you could use a garden sprayer to apply a cleaning solution to treat those areas. Go with a mixture of water and liquid bleach. Add Jomax mildewcide and you’ll get rid of those black spots in no time.

Know how to use it

Like any other power tool out there, you need to have some skill in operating the pressure washer to get the best results. If you don’t know how to use it, though, you could end up harming yourself or others in the process. In that case, it’s probably best if you…

Call in an expert

Get in touch with cleaning crews that offer pressure washing in Clackamas. By letting pros take over, you can just sit back and relax on your precious weekend. And the best thing about hiring cleaning experts? You can look forward to speedy, efficient and convenient service. It won’t take long before you’ve got shiny sidings, decks or concrete floors again.