4 Tips for a Better, Brighter Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is without windows, surrounding homes block the sunlight from shining through to your countertops, or your kitchen just needs a livelier update, there are many ways to brighten a kitchen that might otherwise feel dull or simply too dark. Bring your culinary safe haven the same sunny brightness as Pompano Beach with these kitchen design ideas.

1. Use lighter colors or highly saturated colors. While color choice comes down to personal preference, either of these options will bring more pop to your kitchen décor. This includes your granite countertop! Dark granite counters, although beautiful, can darken your kitchen more than you might expect.

2. Consider adding a decorative mirror to your kitchen wall! SFGate astutely points out that mirrors are a brilliant and elegant way to reflect light and add another dimension of openness to your kitchen space.

3. The focus points of your kitchen are the most important. Chairs, tables, cabinets, and other large pieces will have the most influence on the overall tone of your kitchen design. Dark cabinets, for example, can offer a classic and rustic look. They can also drag down the joyful brightness of an otherwise light-colored kitchen! Cabinets are easily repainted or refinished, and chairs and tables easily replaced. If your kitchen’s tone is stubborn, improving only a small amount after a number of smaller changes, consider making a single more significant adjustment for the best result.

4. It may seem an obvious solution, but you may be surprised at how much difference the choice of light fixtures can make in your kitchen! Ensure that you are using a high-watt light bulb and clear, unobstructed light fixtures for the most brightness.

Kitchen design in Pompano Beach should capture the same sunny, Florida atmosphere as the beach itself. If your kitchen is feeling lackluster and lifeless, consider contacting Distinguished Kitchens and Baths to discuss updated design possibilities!