4 Signs You Need to Get to a Dentist Now

A Debilitating fear of dentists stops a lot of people from making an appointment. By the time they head on over to their dental care providers, their conditions have worsened. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Here are a few signs you should get to a dentist right away.

Spots and holes in your tooth

Those spots can lead to tooth infection and decay. Have those spots properly filled out? Ask your oral care provider about your options for dental filling . That way, you can get the holes in your tooth filled out to prevent infection.

Bleeding gums

This could involve gingivitis. But it could also be a symptom of gum disease. The best way to find out what the problem is and what treatments are ideal for you, check in with your dentist. Do a consult so you can get started on the treatment as soon as possible.


Is there any swelling in your chin, cheek or face? This could indicate tooth problems, the eMedicineHealth says. You’d best have yourself examined by a dentist. That way, if you’re dealing with severe tooth problems, you’ll have the help and assistance of an expert to tell you what you need to do and what treatments will work best for you.


In some cases, it’s common for people to start thinking about going to the dentist only after they experience pain and discomfort.  If you to your dentist as soon as your tooth shows signs of problems, then there’s a bigger possibility that the tooth can be saved or repaired. If you wait too long, though, and your tooth ends up badly decayed, then you might need to consider tooth replacement options.