4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Purchase Bulk Corrugated Boxes

There are parts to every business that often go unremembered, forgotten behind the scenes, but no less essential to the day-to-day work. Cardboard boxes often pile up in the unused corners of storerooms and offices, forgotten about until it’s time to move something. Boxes may not seem like an essential function of a business, but the moment you need them, there’s nothing that can replace their usefulness. That’s why you should consider buying corrugated boxes wholesale, so you’re never left without the containers you need.

1. Cardboard boxes are reusable, so they can used in a variety of projects, moving, storage, and display purposes every day. They can function as long-term storage for a few months, then be used to create a sturdy holiday window display.

2. Just as cardboard boxes are reusable, they have a multitude of uses: storage, moving heavy or awkwardly shaped objects, store displays, packaging purchases for customers. If your company ships products, corrugated boxes purchased wholesale are invaluable to your business.

3. Cardboard boxes are also recyclable, unlike some other packaging materials. When your boxes have outlived their usefulness, they can simply be broken down and sent for recycling. Some cities even pick up recycling for you.

4. For those dealing with shipping, some companies can offer custom-size corrugated boxes to suit your products. Big boxes can take up a lot of space and can increase the cost of shipping if the box is too large for your item. Custom-size boxes are made to better suit the shape and weight of your products. And by buying your boxes wholesale, you save money on the overall cost per box.

Buying corrugated boxes in bulk may not seem like an immediate money-saving venture, but with their multiple uses and ability to be recycled, cardboard boxes are worth the cost.