4 Reasons to Schedule Septic Tank Inspection Service

Home and business owners rely on their septic systems to safely treat and dispose of wastewater. Therefore, proper maintenance and occasional repairs should be a top priority. Regular evaluations by a Tank Inspection Service are part of normal upkeep, and they should be done at least once per year. A trained inspector will look at the tank and other parts of the septic system to find small problems before they become unmanageable. In this guide, readers can learn several reasons to schedule a septic tank inspection.

Keeping an Eye on Sludge Levels

Sludge from waste, paper, and other materials can gradually accumulate in the septic tank, and it must occasionally be removed by a septic tank expert. The level of sludge in the bottom of the septic tank should be less than a third of the tank’s overall volume. If the tank gets too full of sludge, call to have it pumped.

Determining the Building’s Capacity Requirements

A yearly septic system inspection will help the owner keep track of how fast the tank fills. Additionally, it can help them determine whether the current system can keep up with occupants’ usage demands. If the family or company has grown over the years, the old system may be too small. During an inspection, the septic tank expert can make recommendations on system upgrades.

Checking the Soil for Wastewater

If there’s liquid waste near the soil’s surface, it indicates that the tank is working above its stated capacity. The presence of waste can also arise due to a tank leak. In either case, wastewater above ground can pose a serious health concern, and it should be addressed as soon as possible.

Discovering Leaks and Clogs

A Tank Inspection Service technician can also check the system’s distribution chamber for leaks, clogs, and evidence of premature wear. During the inspection, the tech can also determine whether the system’s drain lines are processing liquid properly; any discrepancy can be the result of a clog in the line.

Call Today, Don’t Delay

Home and business owners shouldn’t wait for an emergency to set up septic tank service. Regular evaluations by septic maintenance experts can help owners keep their systems functioning properly while avoiding inconvenient, messy problems. Visit Texasprideseptic.com today for more details.