3 Types of Glass Installation in Katy TX Available Today Because of Modern Technology

When homeowners need or want full window replacement or window glass installation in Katy TX, they may choose to upgrade from the products they currently have installed. This is particularly desirable when the house and its windows are decades old and could be replaced with more energy-efficient products built with modern technology.

Frame Options

For full replacement windows, homeowners have many more options than they did before the 1990s. They can choose frames made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass or a composite material. Many men and women especially like the option of wood frames clad with metal or vinyl on the exterior and natural wood inside. High-quality frames help a great deal to keep cool air inside on hot summer days and prevent drafts of warm, muggy air from sneaking through.

Gradient Tinted Windows

One of the more recent types of technology that has been available for less than 20 years is a type of glass that gradually darkens to reduce the amount of sunshine coming through the windows. Some of the glass does this automatically, similar to the way gradient eyeglasses do. Other products must have the process done manually. The tint is useful in this type of climate, which experiences a large number of hot, sunny days. Tinting the window allows people to save money on their air conditioning costs while not having to block the glass with drapes, shades or blinds.

Hurricane Glass

After Hurricane Harvey caused widespread devastation in the Houston area in 2017, many homeowners who needed to have glass installation in Katy TX for broken windows opted for hurricane glass. Also called impact windows, these products were developed after Hurricane Andrew destroyed so many buildings in South Florida in 1992. When windows give way, that allows rain to pour in.

Professional Installation

Having any of these products installed by a professional is required in order not to void the warranty. It also ensures that energy efficiency is optimum because there will be no tiny crevices anywhere around the window due to faulty installation. Anyone interested in having these types of projects done may check out website domain at the earliest convenience.