3 Things to Look For When Touring Senior Living in Spokane WA

As loved ones get older, the importance of finding a good senior living facility will become as important as ever. There are quite a few places to pick from, and it might be overwhelming to try to pick a comfortable living facility for someone else. Here are three things to look at when touring Senior Living in Spokane WA.

The first thing to for is how clean the facility is. It’s very easy for a facility to make the area look up to date and modern, but it’s important to look past the nice furnishings and paintings. Take a peek behind the fancy furniture to see what the baseboards and corners look like. Check the walls for any staining or evidence of water damage. A few dust bunnies here and there are fine, but be concerned if the corners look like they have not had a good moping in quite some time.

The next item to pay attention to is how attentive the staff is to the residents. Do not be afraid to listen to conversations between staff and residents. It is very important that the staff makes it a priority to listen to their residents and really interact with them, instead of simply talking at them. It might also help to know how many people are on staff, when their shifts change, and how information is communicated regarding residents. All these things will impact the care each resident receives.

The third item to be mindful of is the quality of food being served. The best way to observe this is by visiting during meal times and even participating in the meal. This is a great time to see how the residents interact with one another and with the staff. Meal times are very important because they encourage and foster relationships between the residents. It helps keep their spirits up and is almost therapeutic. Having good tasting and high-quality food will certainly be important.

Not matter how lovely everything seems, always pay attention to any gut feelings. If it is really hard to imagine anyone living there comfortably and happily, it is okay to continue the search.

For more information or to set up a time to visit, contact Orchard Crest Retirement Community.