3 Things to Know Before Taking Pregnancy Classes

Childbirth education is a crucial step especially for first-time parents. But knowing the right time for taking these classes is equally important. If you want healthy moms and babies, read on:

Poor Engagement

It’s simply too early to take a comprehensive childbirth class at any point in the first trimester. Mothers have yet to see a baby bump and the thought of giving birth, much less of a human being growing in one’s body, is still a far-off thought. It’s not real yet. Why does this matter? Because would-be mommies who are still in the first trimester are probably just coming to grips with the realization that a baby is going to come into and change their lives. That’s probably where their mind is so they’re less likely to be concerned about learning pain coping techniques during the birthing process—which is a waste. To ensure greater motivation and full engagement with would-be mommies, it would be better to take these pregnancy classes once you’ve moved beyond the first trimester.

Risks of Miscarriage

Chances of miscarriage are also higher during the first trimester so it’s best to wait it out until that delicate stage has passed. Once this period is over, couples who want to book a class and attend one together may do so.

Taking It Too Late

On the other hand, taking pregnancy classes in the last month of your pregnancy is too last minute, says Mother Rising. You might not have enough sessions until your due date. That means you won’t be able to get as much out of the classes as you normally would, which is a shame. To make sure you get quality childbirth classes, aim to take these during the second trimester. That way, you’ll have enough time to absorb, study and remember what you learn in class.