3 Smart Tricks for Restoring an Ornamental Iron Fence in Chicago

Iron, despite how durable it is and visually attractive it remains, can degrade over time. A wrought iron fence will rust. It may also lose some of its coloration. Over time, the once glossy and radiant iron fence is a little less desirable. Below are three tricks to restoring and/or repairing an ornamental iron fence in Chicago.

Power Washing

The power washing step should come first. Some may want to simply power wash without necessarily repainting, though both are advised. The power washing should be used to remove any stripped paint that has been loosened over time. Power washing can also incorporate a rust converter, which essentially removes any accumulated rust on the iron fence surface. Substantial rust damage means the affected fencing must be replaced with a new panel.

Painting in Texture

Wrought iron fences need to have thick and highly textured paint to really preserve the quality of the framing. Professionals often recommend automotive epoxy paint. Oddly, the paint caters to vehicles, but the attributes make perfect sense for a fence. Consider using an automotive epoxy and layering it three times or more. Obviously, any error in the application could be easily visible once the paint dries. It is suggested that homeowners work with a professional so no obvious texture damage is done. The applications are set in stages to follow sun drying, and individuals will likely need a respirator, as the epoxy paint is notoriously unhealthy to breathe.

Ornamental Design and Panel Replacements

It is sometimes smart to replace certain parts of the fence if the damage is too extensive for power washing. It is possible to avoid having to restore the fence completely through rust removal and applying thick paint. Simply hire a professional to replace parts from the traditional design to the ornamental design. It will restore the fence while also giving it a classy and attractive new look.

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