3 Reasons to Seriously Consider Getting Invisalign Clear Braces

Having misaligned or crooked teeth is an unattractive problem that could cause dental health issues. You risk bone and gum damage, and tooth loss. Conventional braces are one way to properly align teeth. Another option is getting Invisalign in Cary IL.

These braces are a great alternative to getting good results. Here are three reasons why adults may prefer Invisalign clear braces.

1. Looks Better

Braces are used to improve issues with a person’s teeth. Metal braces can add to the awkward unattractiveness the person wants to avoid. Not only are these noticeable on an adult, but food can get caught in them. Invisalign braces are barely noticeable. A person can wear these braces and feel more attractive while knowing their smile is improving.

2. Invisalign Braces are Removable

Another reason to consider Invisalign in Cary IL is that these braces are more comfortable than metal braces. Once a person goes the conventional route, the braces stay on until a professional removes them.

There are times you may want to take the braces off briefly to eat or drink. You can remove Invisalign braces whenever necessary.

3. Teeth Get Straightened Faster

The duration of treatment for conventional braces could take up to five years, depending on the level of damage. With Invisalign, your teeth straighten faster than that. Some people may only need one year of wearing these innovative braces. Others might need a year and a half before their teeth are straightened.

Overall, getting Invisalign in Cary IL is a distinct advantage over wearing metal braces. The cost is slightly more but is worth the price for the time you save. You can comfortably get straighter teeth and a healthier smile faster.

If you are considering Invisalign braces, contact Cary Dental Associates today at 847-516-1100 to determine if you are a good candidate. Or, visit our website for more information.