3 Parts of a Bur to Determine the Right Fit for Your Dental Tool in FL

Carbide burs are a type of bur that provides superior cutting power and performance. For this reason, dentists utilize this specific type of bur to quickly cut teeth and bone and can be used several times without becoming dull. Perhaps you are interested in acquiring various carbide burs, but if you are unsure which type of bur can be used with your handpiece. Here are three parts of a bur that will help you determine your dental handpiece’s right fit.

The shank is the part of the bur that is secured to the handpiece to hold and drive the bur. There are three main types of shanks, friction grip, right angle or latch-type, and straight handpiece. Friction grip shanks are typically used with high-speed handpieces while both the right angle and straight handpiece shanks are used with low-speed dental handpieces.

The neck is another part of the bur that connects the shank of the bur to the head.

The head is the cutting blade of the entire bur. It comes in various shapes like flame, cone, rounded, and taper to suit a particular task.

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