3 Must-Have Security Systems for Commercial Properties

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Safety Equipment Supplies

Security is fundamentally essential to any business. So you want to make sure your building or commercial property is protected, especially from illegal entry and theft. Fitsmallbussiness says businesses in the United States lose about 60 billion dollars every year to retail theft, with 38 percent attributed to accounts of shoplifting, 35 percent to employee theft and 27 percent to retail theft done by suppliers and contractors.

What you can do

You can install a variety of commercial security solutions available in Iowa. By installing intrusion alarms, intercom systems or both, you can reduce the risk of theft and crime on your property. Don’t know which one to get? Take a look at some of the security measures you can explore:

CCTV or Video Surveillance

This helps you keep an eye on particular areas of your property. You can monitor access points to ensure no one else enters the premises without clearance. This system also helps monitor the activities inside the facility so you know if emergencies have broken out in other parts of the building, allowing you to take appropriate action to inform everyone else in the building to begin evacuation procedures right away.

Intrusion fire alarms

In case someone unlawfully gains entry into your property, this system detects that and sets alarms ringing to warn you there are intruders in the building. This gives employees and security personnel time to resolve the problem and find the source of the intrusion. With these alarms, you can deter criminal elements from entering the property.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems allow you to address everyone in the company all at once. So if there are any intruders in the building or emergency situations, companies can easily inform their employees what’s happening and whether to evacuate or close down access to each department.

With any of these systems in place, you have the security solutions you need to keep your property and business safe.

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