Many people hesitate to litigate after experiencing a severe personal injury, thinking that the time and expense won’t be worth it. But if you’ve been injured in an accident and there is an at-fault party, you are entitled to compensation, and the expense and hassle of pursuing a personal injury case may not be as extreme as you think. Here are three benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney in Silverdale to advocate your case.

Legal fees are contingent

If you’re daunted by the potential expense of hiring a lawyer, you should know that most personal injury lawyers make their fees contingent on you winning your case. That means you don’t owe them money unless they win for you, and if they succeed, their legal fees will come out of the settlement anyway. In addition to saving you money, the contingency fee arrangement also means that your attorney will be highly motivated to win your case.

Experience and expertise

Personal injury attorneys in Silverdale have experience dealing with the red tape of insurance companies and their teams of lawyers. The insurance company of the at-fault party has a vested interest in minimizing your claim, and as a layperson, you should hire someone who knows insurance company tactics and case law to help.


As the injured party, it might be difficult for you to see all the facets of your case objectively. It’s your attorney’s job to make the best decisions for your case, and they will evaluate all factors and defend you without personal feelings clouding their judgment.

With these benefits, you can see that it would be a mistake to let lack of legal representation cause you to miss out on the compensation you rightfully deserve from your accident. Hire a personal injury attorney today, and look forward to seeing justice served. Contact Anthony Otto, Attorney at Law for a free consultation.