2017 Ford Explorer Vs Chevy Traverse

With the new year comes, the new models and this year is no different. The Ford Explorer is currently one of the top-selling SUVs and is Ford’s second largest SUV, second only to the Expedition. Chevy’s answer to the Explorer is the Traverse. It sports similar specs all around and a similar, crossover styling, but how do these two compare and which is better for you?


Let’s go ahead and get what most people who are buying an SUV consider their most important factor, comfort. SUVs are not usually used as work vehicles like trucks and vans and are more often bought for the comfort of a large family or group. In this area, the Explorer shines. It has more headroom and legroom than the Traverse for both front and rear passengers. The clear winner here is the Ford Explorer.

Power Selection

Often second to comfort is power. This is another area where Ford shines thanks to their more extensive offerings. While neither vehicle offers a V8 option, the Ford comes with both a four-cylinder and V6 as options for your powerhouse. The Chevy, on the other hand, is limited to a V6 option. While this will offer more power, it is going to lack fuel mileage when compared to Ford’s new line of four-cylinder engines.


The Chevy Traverse is slightly longer than the Ford Explorer, but they are the same width. This means the Traverse is slightly larger. While it is capable of carrying eight passengers compared to Ford’s seven on the Explorer, the Traverse is again plagued with limited head and legroom for passengers. If you want the biggest SUV or you want the extra storage space and don’t mind giving up some comfort then the winner is the Traverse, but if you want to make sure your passengers. are comfortable and that you have enough space for their luggage go with the Explorer.

While both the Ford and Chevy are good options, for taller drivers and those who prefer comfort to size, the Ford Explorer is the hands down winner of this year’s comparison. So, maybe it is time to check out a Ford Explorer in Barrington.

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