Why Schedule a Consultation With a Wrongful Death Attorney?

When a wrongful death claim is entered in court, this is because someone died due to the actions or neglect of another party. A person may be held liable for the accidental death of a person or because their willful actions caused the death. This type of claim is not contingent on criminal charges and can be pursued even if the defendant was found not guilty in a criminal trial. Those who seek to pursue such a case should Schedule a consultation with Wrongful Death Attorney. The following must exist for a wrongful death case to be brought to trial:

1. The death of a human being must have occurred.

2. The person’s death must have been caused by negligence or willful intention.

3. Family members of the deceased must be suffering monetarily because of the death.

4. A representative must be appointed to represent the deceased’s estate.

The attorney will work with his client to ensure fair compensation is awarded for pecuniary damages. These damages cover funeral and burial expenses, loss of support, medical expenses and the lost prospect of an inheritance.

The jury will first need to decide on liability and then on the amount of compensation awarded. The amount awarded will be considered by the jury who will look at the age of the deceased, their lifetime earning capacity, life expectancy and intelligence. These factors will be used to determine the degree of pecuniary damages the deceased’s family members suffered from.

Wrongful death cases sometimes go through mediation meetings to seek a settlement outside of court. These meetings are overseen by a third party to see if an agreement can be reached by both parties. In cases where a settlement is not favorable, a trial by jury may be advisable.

Those who have lost a loved one through wrongful death can get the answers they need when they Schedule a consultation with Wrongful Death Attorney. When hiring an attorney, you PAY NO FEES unless you win. Call an attorney’s office and get started on a claim today to find out what can be done to receive compensation for a loved one’s death.