When to Call in a Roofing Contractor in Downers IL for a Roof Replacement

It is always good to have your roof inspected by a Roofing Contractor in Downers Grove IL for defects or damages and determine if your house is in need of a new roof or not. Most people think that they only need to replace their roof after they discover a leak in their ceiling. This can be dangerous because a leak could be a result of many different factors. The following tips will help you to know the right time to install a new roof or carry out repairs.

     *     The age of the roof: According to professional roofers, a typical roof can only last for 20 to 25 years. The longevity of the roofing structure is determine by, one, whether the old roof was removed as well as if it is well ventilated. If the roof was installed on top of an old roof and it is older than 20 years, your house needs a new roof.

     *    A compromised valley: Valleys are the most important part of your roof because, then rainfall and snow go through the valleys then to gutters. If your shingles are missing in this area or are falling apart, you could be susceptible to leaks, and this calls in for a new roof.

     *    Buckling and curling of shingles: If you look at the slope of your roof having direct sunlight and you realize that the roofing shingles are losing granules and are curling, it could mean that your roof is out of age. It could also mean your roof is defective, and you need a new one.

     *    Shingle granules: Loss of granules in shingles is a sign that your roof is old and need to be replaced.

     *    Daylight through the roof boards: You should always check for moisture in the insulation and attic to see whether there is the presence of daylights.

     *    Flashing of the chimney: Replacement of your flashing with a long-term watertight metal flashing system is necessary if yours is made of roof cement or tar.

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