When Should You Take Your Dog to a Veterinarian in Oahu?

While you may handle some of your dog’s health issues after learning some basic dog first aid guidelines, sometimes it is necessary to visit a veterinarian. Some people avoid taking their dogs to a veterinarian even when they know it is necessary in a bid to save money and time. Even if your dog becomes excessively anxious at the sight of a veterinarian, you should promptly take it to a Veterinarian in Oahu if you identify the following signs.

1. Excessive scratching: If your dog is itching and scratching, it is likely that it either has an allergy or fleas. You should, therefore, ensure to brush your dog regularly, coupled with a careful inspection for ticks, lice, and fleas. This will overrule pest infestation as being the cause of the itching. On the other hand, the scratching could be caused by allergens. If you realize that your dog has a flaky skin or dandruff, it could be an indication that it requires such supplements as the essential fatty acids like the Omega 3. Your vet will probably advise you to add some ground flax seeds to your dog’s food. You may also want to bathe your dog in cool water with an oatmeal shampoo, which will help you in relieving even the itchiest of skins. If you are not sure of what is causing the itching and scratching, consulting a vet is highly recommended.

2. Vomiting: While it is quite normal for a dog to vomit especially after feeding too quickly or too much, you should get worried if this happens too frequently. You must ensure that the dog doesn’t get dehydrated by giving it a lot of water. In the event, that the dog refuses to take water, you must consult your vet.

3. Diarrhea: You must have noticed that dogs will feed on almost anything they discover lying around. It is unfortunate to note that most of what they eat will not agree with them, which often leads to diarrhea. You may relieve your dog from diarrhea by preventing it from eating for at least 24 hours, giving its intestines a chance to regenerate. However, if your dog is passing bloody stool, is dehydrated or has a fever, you should consult your veterinarian.

How soon you contact your Veterinarian in Oahu may make a significant difference in your dog’s health and survival.