What to Know About a Rental Contract for Storage Trailers?

A storage trailer is a smart way to transport inventory from one location to another. These trailers can easily be relocated and sit at dock height. There are many advantages to using a storage trailer. Because these vehicles have axles and wheels, they don’t require lifting onto a flat-bed or truck for transportation. Typically, storage trailers are wider and can accommodate standard size pallets. It’s prudent to learn about a standard rental contract for a storage trailer to protect financial interests.

While a company can use its own rental contract for storage trailers, most businesses will incorporate similar parts to cover all parts of the rental. Different terms may be used. The company, person, or party renting the trailer will generally be referred to as the “renter”. The information about the renter that should be on the contract includes name, address, city, state, driver’s license number and social security number. When a business is renting the trailer, the driver’s details will usually be listed on the contract.

Information about the insurance coverage should be on the contract. This includes the name of the insurance carrier, the & name of the insurance agent, and phone number of the company. The reservation deposit and damage deposit will be listed on the contract. These are usually refundable or can be applied towards any amount owed at the end of the rental period. A trailer is rented for a unit of time such as days, weeks, months, or years. This should be clearly stated on the contract. The method of delivery and pick-up should be noted as well.

The renter should inspect the trailer before taking possession of it. Any defects should be noted on the contract. The trailer wheels and hitch should be in satisfactory condition before signing the agreement. It’s imperative to read the terms and conditions of the contract. Some of these elements include prohibited uses, condition and return of the trailer, and responsibility for damage or loss. For more information on trailer rental or purchase, please talk to an expert at MODS of NY for a FREE Quote. This business can handle most types of rentals and purchases.