What to do Prior to Calling a Professional for Air Conditioning Repair in San Antonio TX

Your air conditioner is your residential-based climate control manager. A central air conditioner can make your home a more comfortable place by treating the indoor air. When your air conditioner is not working right, it may be tempting to call a repairman. Before you do this, perform some actions that can restore functionality to your AC system and save you money on a repair bill. Learn what to do prior to calling for professional Air Conditioning Repair in San Antonio TX.

Before you call an AC repairman, view your thermostat. This device controls the temperature in your home. Switch this device to the “on” and “cool” settings. Also, lower the temperature setting to a degree lower than the temperature of the room. Your air conditioner should start immediately if it’s working right. Now switch the “cool” mode to a “heat” mode. Raise the temperature to a level higher than the temperature of the room. You will have to wait for a few moments for the air conditioner to start on this setting because the heating coils have to heat up. When these fail to start your air conditioner, you could have a problem that requires professional attention.

Inspect the drainpipe on your air conditioner. As your AC system treats indoor air, it produces condensate. This fluid exits that system through the drainpipe. Since a drainpipe can have high levels of moisture, it’s a prime location for algae growth. Also, this tube can house an accumulation of debris. These can both cause water to back up and flow out of the drainpipe. Check your drainpipe. Clean it out regularly to prevent an unsanitary situation and an overflow of water. You can use a long implement with a cloth attached to it to clean the interior of your drainpipe.

Your air conditioner is an integral part of your home’s environment. By performing these actions, you can restore functionality. However, when these fail to produce the desired result, it may be necessary to call a professional for Air Conditioning Repair in San Antonio TX. For more information on AC services, please talk to an expert at M&M Weatherization. This company can handle residential and commercial AC services. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.