What are the Symptoms of Dermatitis?

Dermatitis is a condition that is caused when your skin comes in contact with an irritant. This may be caused by a substance you are allergic to. This condition can cause many different symptoms that can be aggravating to deal with. It is important you are aware of the signs to look for so you will know when you are suffering with this condition. This will allow you to know when you need to seek treatment from your doctor.

Symptoms of contact Dermatitis include:

*     A red rash or small red bumps are normally prominent in this condition. The worse the reaction, the more redness will occur.

*    Itching can be severe in this skin condition. The itching can become so intense it is difficult to find relief.

*    If you suffer with chronic irritation, you may develop scaly, dry skin.

*    In severe cases, blisters and oozing skin may develop.

*    You may also experience burning and tenderness in the affected area.

This condition can vary according to how long you were exposed to the substance and how sensitive you are. Sweating, heat and extreme cold can also affect how severe the reaction is.

When a person suffers with this condition, treatment is not always necessary. You should seek treatment from your doctor if the condition becomes severe or is chronic in nature. If skin infections are present with the condition, treatment is crucial.

Most cases go away on their own, after exposure is avoided. In some cases, a person may need anti-inflammatory treatments and antihistamines. This can help to reduce the reaction in the skin so it is not so severe. It can also relieve the symptoms the condition causes.

Your doctor can examine your skin and help you to find the source of the problem. Through treatment, you can find relief from the annoying and painful symptoms. You can also learn how to help prevent them.

If you are suffering with the symptoms of this skin condition, contact Allergy Asthma & Immunology Relief. They can offer you the treatment you need so you can find full relief from your itchy and painful condition.