Ways Foundation Leveling in Houston, TX Can Be Used

Often, it is not the foundation that causes issues with a shifting home. It is the soil underneath it that is the main culprit. Sinking homes can occur in areas where the soil is very soft. Torrential rains over days can cause the soil to turn to mud underneath the foundation and cause the home to sink. There are several ways in which the foundation can be leveled. It will take an evaluation of the experts to determine which approach is best.

One of the ways in which the foundation is built up for Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, is the use of concrete pilings. Concrete pilings act as stabilizers to support your home in soft soil conditions. This is perhaps the most economical option. However, it does not provide any lifting power if your home has sunk deep into the mud. Unlike other methods, this method cannot physically lift your home from its sunken position.

Another method to support a home’s foundation is the use of helical piers. Often, this method is used on temporary buildings. In some cases, it can be used to help support additional structures attached to the home. The helical piers contain a big screw that is used to stabilize the structure. They can be adjusted a little bit to accommodate minor changes in height. However, the piers are limited in the amount of weight they can handle.

The push pier system is another method used for Foundation Leveling in Houston TX. This system uses hydraulics to help lift up the home. Since this system goes deep into the ground to find adequate lifting power, the ground may have to be stabilized for the equipment by other means before the lifting process begins. Once the stabilization has occurred, the house is lifted into the proper position. The home is placed on the supports.

Soft soil or very muddy conditions may cause your home to sink. This sinking will affect your entire home, including your foundation. The solution to getting it back into place is leveling it. You can click for more info if you suspect that your home needs to be leveled.