Traditional Options For Tablecloths For Wedding Receptions

There are lots of trendy ideas for wedding tablecloths that are perfect for some of the hottest themes and wedding designs. These are ideal for many couples, but not everyone wants to be trendy.

For those choosing a very classic wedding, choosing more traditional options in tablecloths for wedding receptions is a good idea. These linens don’t have to be completely traditional, but they will have the elements that create just the look you want.

Sophisticated and Romantic

One of the most classic and romantic looks in tablecloths for wedding receptions to match a romantic theme is the monochrome white on white or ivory on ivory style. With this theme, consider a white or ivory under cloth with a lace tablecloth over the top in the same color.

Taffeta also makes a traditional and elegant looking tablecloth. This is the perfect fabric for low light or candlelight reception where the natural sheen of the fabric will be highlighted.

Embroidered tablecloths for wedding receptions are also very classic and traditional. Typically made with taffeta fabric and mini-sequins, they add shimmer and design in an understated way. There are also pin tucked options which have a diamond line textured look across the full tablecloth.

Layered Looks

To add color to your wedding reception, you can choose a simple white or ivory tablecloth base. This will be tablecloth with a full drop to the floor. Over the top of this, use a table overlay.

Typically, this is done with a round table and round base tablecloth. The square table overlay, which can be in your wedding color or colors, is then placed over the base tablecloth. The unique drape to the overlay top adds shape and form to the table. This is a simple way to create a beautiful background for your place settings and table centerpieces.