Tips For Selecting A Wedding Cake Stand

One of the first things that a bride discovers when planning a wedding is that there are hundreds of decisions that have to be made in order for the big day to come together seamlessly and without problems. One decision that should be made at the time you choose the wedding cake is to also choose a wedding cake stand.

Most bakers, even those exclusively creating wedding cakes, do not provide any type of a stand as part of the contract to bake, decorate, and deliver the cake. Instead, they will bring the cake on cardboard which is carefully cut to be just about the same size as the bottom layer of the cake.

If you want to have a wedding cake stand you can rent it from the bakery, and this is often a fairly pricey investment, plus you have to make sure it is returned in perfect condition to get the deposit back. You do not get the rental back, but at least the deposit is returned.

The other option is to buy a wedding cake stand, which allows you to choose the style and design you want and then, after the wedding you can keep or sell the stand, but you don’t have to worry about the process of having it returned.


It is very important to get the right size for your wedding cake stand, and the bigger the cake is, the more important this is. With a wedding cake that is a single tier or layer if the edges of the cake extend over the edges of the stand it really won’t be noticed or be a problem, unless it is a significant difference. If it is a significant difference the cake may start to sag at the unsupported edges.

For wedding cakes with multiple layers or tiers, failing to have the stand support the entire bottom of the cake can increase the risk of the layers of the cake possibly falling. This can happen from vibrations on the floor of people walking by or, more problematic, if someone bumps the table.

Design Features

While a wedding cake stand can be very simple in design, there are also some amazing options that really add sparkle and dazzle. Crystal cake stands with silver and glass crystal beads around the base make a beautiful stand for cakes of any style.

Add to that interior LED lights to give just that hint of brilliance and you have a wedding cake stand that is going to be sturdy, supportive yet also something that you and your guests will remember.