Time Of Transfer Septic Inspection in Des Moines, Iowa: What Homeowners Should Know

Imagine the horror of purchasing a beautiful new home only to wake up one morning and discover the yard and basement flooded with a pungent mess from a non-working septic system. It is this type of scenario which is no longer a concern with the Time Of Transfer Septic Inspection in Des Moines Iowa.
While it may seem like just another hassle to home buyers and sellers, the reality is that faulty septic systems can lead to a lot of pollution and headaches for everyone, not just the new owner. Ground water, wells, and homes can become infested with any number or viruses and bacteria if a septic tank is not functioning as it should be.

This inspection should be no concern to anyone who has a system that is working correctly. It does not check to see if the system meets current standards and codes, only that it is functioning as it should and is not a concern to the health and well-being of anyone nearby. Even older tanks, as long as they are in good working order, can pass these inspections.

The inspections can only be performed by a Certified Tank Inspector. If a tank does not pass inspection, the problems will be noted and a new inspection will need to be completed after any required repairs are made.

If an inspection cannot take place until a sale is imminent, it will not stop the sale as long as a binding contract is written stating the inspection must be completed and who is responsible for covering all of the expenses related to it. Only the people involved in the property transfer will decide if the home seller or the home buyer will be financially responsible for any repairs that are required.

If you have any questions about how the Time Of Transfer Septic Inspection in Des Moines Iowa, is performed, and what causes a septic system to either pass or fail, you can click here to find out more. Anyone interested in buying or selling a home, particular an older home, should take the time to learn more to avoid any surprises.