Three Things to Expect from a Wedding Video Company in Lexington, KY

A popular option for a bride and groom is to hire a wedding video company that can shoot quality footage of their big day. This footage will then be turned into a short video featuring some highlights from the ceremony, reception, or any portion that the couple sees fit. Before making the decision to hire a video company, the bride and groom must first understand what three things should be expected from a Wedding Video Company in Lexington KY.

Basic Wedding Coverage

If additional details are not decided on, the couple will receive basic wedding coverage of their day. There will be several cameras set up throughout the location to capture various angles and get a full view of the ceremony. For additional coverage, the bride and groom must provide further details of what they want captured about their event and upgrade to another package.

Package Upgrades

One package does not fit all when it comes to wedding videos. While one couple may be fine with the basic ceremony coverage, another couple may want a full day’s worth of footage that captures their ceremony, reception, and even interviews, with their guests discussing the couple and their well-wishes for them.

DVD Copies

No matter which package is purchased, one thing each couple can look forward to is a DVD copy of the footage. This ensures they can look back on their special day for years to come. If a Blu-ray version is preferred, that option is available as well.

A Wedding Video Company in Lexington KY, is an ideal choice for those who want to remember their wedding day in a unique manner. Instead of just the traditional photos, they will have actual video footage of the events that took place. From their walk down the aisle to their first kiss, first dance, and even cutting the cake, all of these special events will be captured beautifully to enjoy any time they please. Any bride and groom currently considering video service for their ceremony, reception, or other wedding event, can contact First String Media Productions. With their multiple packages, dvd copies for all, and professional experience, each couple will receive the exact video and footage they desire.