The Minimum Values For Motor Insurance In Camp Hill, PA

Pennsylvania drivers are required to fulfill the state’s mandate for automobile insurance. The applicable laws identify liability as the minimum amount of coverage required under state’s laws. Any driver or vehicle owner who fails to comply with these requirements is subject to a penalty of at least $250.

What are the Minimum Coverage Amounts?

The liability insurance must provide $15,000 for each individual who is injured in an accident. The maximum value for injuries is $30,000. The total property damage coverage is $5,000. To acquire the minimum Motor insurance in Camp Hill, PA submit a request today.

Requirements for a No-Fault State

The state of Pennsylvania is classified as a no-fault state. This indicates that each party isn’t responsible for filing a claim through their insurance provider. However, the individual identified as the responsibility party that caused the accident will file a claim. They are required to pay for all medical costs and property damage sustained by the other drivers during the accident.

Why Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage is Needed

The state doesn’t require drivers to maintain underinsured or uninsured motorist insurance. However, the coverage affords drivers with additional funds to cover the cost of accidents. In the event that the at-fault individual isn’t compliant with insurance laws, the victim could acquire the funds they need to help them pay for their costs. This doesn’t prevent them from filing a formal claim against the accountable driver. The statute of limitations for these claims is two years.

What Contributes to the Cost of Coverage?

Factors such as the driver’s age, the miles traveled, and the model of the automobile play a role in determining the premiums paid. Drivers who are over the age of twenty-five pay less than younger drivers. Seniors pay the lowest rates.

Motor insurance in Camp Hill PA provides adequate coverage for the owner’s investment. The varying coverage levels determine how much the owner receives if the automobile is destroyed. They also outline other services that are available to these drivers such as roadside assistance. Drivers who wish to acquire a free quote for insurance should contact Farnham Insurance Agency.