Taking Stock of the Status Quo and Working to Transform the Banquet Hall in Council Bluffs IA

While they often have charms of other sorts, banquets have, in the past, rarely provided the kinds of dining experiences that most people dream of. It is, of course, understandable that cooking for and serving hundreds of people simultaneously will necessitate some compromises. On the other hand, the slow, staggered service and dry, tasteless food that is sometimes received can seem more than a little disappointing.

More than one banquet hall in Council Bluffs IA has recognized this unfortunate fact and started working hard to do better. At Brandeis Catering, for example, the owners of the company are motivated, in large part, by a desire to do right by this style of dining, having experienced for themselves just how dissatisfying traditional banquet meals can be.

This drive manifests itself in a number of different ways. At the average banquet hall in Council Bluffs IA, for example, the actual serving of meals is often a strikingly drawn-out affair. People in the back of the hall are frequently consigned to sitting patiently while those in the front of the room receive their plates, a wait that can really drag down the whole experience.

Some banquet companies in the area, though, have started taking steps to improve on this status quo. Instead of allowing the meals to trickle out slowly under the supervision of a single banquet captain, for example, some of them have started making use of faster, more flexible ways of delivering the food.

As each table already has its own assigned server, for instance, some banquet halls now empower these people to work directly with the kitchen. That allows for the much faster distribution of meals to guests, as well as one that happens in a much more even way.

Although this might sound like a small improvement, the truth is that it can make a big difference. In some cases, even halls with hundreds of guests are served in a matter of minutes, creating a feeling of community and sharing that helps to elevate the overall mood. Couple improvements of this kind with those of other, equally impactful sorts, and the experience of attending such a banquet can be much more in line with what guests hope for.