Starting Off With the Right Paw -: Obedience Training For Dogs in Chicago

A well-trained, obedient dog is a happy dog -; and so are the owners. Why? A well-trained dog has more freedom, can be taken more places, is more reliable, and has less (if any), behavioral issues. The process of training builds the relationship between the dog and its owner through leadership, trust, respect and understanding. Dogs possess an innate need to please, and proper training uses this trait to its advantage. A well-trained dog does not happen overnight, nor does it happen after just a few lessons. A strong foundation must be laid after which further training can be built upon. If the foundation is not strong, sooner or later, the structure (training) will fall apart.

Ultimately the one really being trained is the owner. The root cause of practically all dog training or behavior issues lies with the owner, not the dog. Dogs react to what their owner does or does not do. Dogs are not vindictive and do not display bad behaviors out of spite. They do so out of confusion and frustration. Dogs are pack animals and as such need a firm and fair pack leader. Leaders are the providers of food, shelter, safety, and yes, leadership. A good and effective Obedience Training For Dogs Chicago facility does not train dogs, they train the trainer (owner) to train their dog.

If you have an older dog that drags you on walks, barks incessantly, jumps on people, doesn’t come when called, and other forms of disobedience, then both the dog and owner will benefit from lessons at an Obedience Training For Dogs Chicago facility such as Chicago Canine Academy. All dogs and puppies need at a minimum, basic foundation training including sit, stay, come and down. Owners can choose from small group classes to one-on-one training or even mini “boot camp” training, where specific issues are identified and worked on.

For those owners interested in training beyond that of general household obedience, that is available as well. There are training facilities that offer advanced courses in dog sports such as competitive obedience, agility, rally obedience, and many more. Keep in mind that all of these sports require the dog to have at a minimum, a solid foundation with the reliable obedience of the basic commands, including off-leash reliability. Visit website for more details.