Spinal Rehabilitation in Lexington, KY: The Real Solution for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a debilitating problem for millions of Americans. It costs billions in medical bills and lost wages every year. There are numerous quick tips online and in books and magazines explaining how to relieve this pain, but for many people these tips and tricks are not going to provide them long term relief they hope to receive. In these cases it become an ongoing battle to maintain their spine health. As with any battle, having the right “weapons” is the only way to succeed.

Treating the Initial Injury

Backs do not just begin to hurt for no reason. There may not have been a dramatic injury like a traffic accident or slip and fall, but something has caused the pain. It could be strained muscles, a slipped disc or some type of degenerative disease which is making you miserable. It is important to pinpoint the source of the pain before you can begin any treatment for Spinal Rehabilitation in Lexington KY.

Manipulation and Therapy

Once the cause is known and a treatment plan has been devised, there are a lot of answers available. Chiropractic manipulation can help to provide relief by aligning the spine and improving blood flow and the delivery of nutrients to the discs in the back. Massage therapy can help to improve circulation and flexibility and physical therapists can work directly with patients to help them increase strength and stability.

Complete Physical Health

If your Spinal Rehabilitation in Lexington KY is required due to an illness or disease, your chiropractor can work in conjunction with your primary care physician to help you receive the total care needed. You will also be instructed in the importance of proper diet and weight management as well how to avoid situations which could cause future injuries. These could be lessons like lifting properly, not sitting or standing for hours at a time and proper warm up techniques prior to working out.

You may not be able to magically make your back pain go away instantly, but there are solutions that are making life much more comfortable for many other sufferers. Elswick Chiropractic and Associates can make it possible for you to get the relief you need so you can focus on living your life again.