Simple Ways to Change Your Table’s Look With Cloth Napkins

Even if you own a few sets of dishes, it’s common to get tired of how your table looks from time to time. Finding easy ways to update your table’s look can help you feel more confident when you have guests over for dinner. There are several easy ways to update your table for each season, without breaking the bank.

1. Invest in simple, solid colored stoneware. Choose these dishes in colors that transcend the seasons, like white, beige and green. You can use plain stoneware for any occasion, and dress it up or down. It can be purchased inexpensively at a housewares store and helps you change things up when you’re feeling tired of your regular china. Choose chargers to coordinate with this stoneware to double the number of looks.

2. Invest in cloth napkins and tablecloths for each season and holiday. Choose a simple tablecloth for each season of the year, and one for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Then, choose a set of cloth napkins for each season to coordinate with these tablecloths. For a more, unique look, avoid having cloth napkins that match your tablecloths exactly. To save money, consider making your own napkins and tablecloths. These are easy to make, and can really save money. With these linens, you can create many different looks.

3. Own centerpiece basics. You should have a couple of good vases and bowls on hand for creating centerpieces that work well with your dishes and linens. Use floral foam and fresh flowers to create a different look for each dinner party.

With these three tips, you’ll be on your way to assembling the items you’ll need to create many different looks for your table. No matter the occasion, you’ll be ready to create the perfect table, and the perfect dinner party for all your lucky guests.