Selecting a Wedding Flower Bouquet in Ankeny

Getting a perfect clutch of flowers on your wedding day is essential to complement the color and style of your wedding dress. It will also help in setting a joyous mood throughout the ceremony. There are numerous color combinations and hues that you can select from when organizing your nuptials. In order to achieve a unique look for your ceremony, it is essential that you carefully consider your wedding dress, your color palette, and the formality of your wedding when selecting a bouquet size. Indeed, selecting an appropriate bouquet will help in creating a memorable experience for your guests. The different types of Bouquet in Ankeny include:

Hand-Tied Bouquets

These will often have a nature inspired appearance, making them ideal for summer weddings occurring outside, including on the beach or in a garden. The blooms are often tied together with a simple, fancy bow or ribbon. These flowers are ideal for both formal and informal settings. However, you may want to add such textured flowers as peonies, roses and chrysanthemum to add more elegance to your bouquet. These bouquets are often extremely classy and eye-pleasing.

Cascade bouquets

These are intricately designed to look like a waterfall of blossoms. While these bouquets are generally very attractive, they are particularly ideal for taller brides, and they will often complement such dresses that have a simpler design. The bouquets are comprised of such flowers as orchids, calla lilies, stephanotis as well as long, flowing greenery.


These bouquets are generally smaller and are particularly popular among bridesmaids and flower girls. They are made up of tiny flowers, including lily-of-the-valley, baby’s breath, and spray roses among others. An alternative option for creating a posy bouquet is using a couple of larger flowers as focal points in complementing your color scheme.

Over arm

These bouquets have a modern, elegant, simple, yet extremely beautiful appearance, making them ideal for any wedding. They are often comprised of long-stemmed flowers like the calla lilies, orchids, and roses. They are often preferred owing to their sturdy and durable stems. You may simply wrap these flowers together using a ribbon, and they will perfectly complement your figure-fitting dresses.

Getting a lovely and creative Flower Bouquet in Houston is equally important to finding the perfect dress for your big day.