Root Canals in Searcy Save Teeth and Prevent Extractions

It is very scary for a person, when they suddenly feel a sharp pain in their jawbone. They should not hesitate to contact their dentist for emergency dental care. The office manager will fit them into the schedule as soon as possible that day. An x-ray will be used to diagnose the problem. Often it is an infection that has spread to the root area of the tooth. This region is filled with nerves and that makes it very painful. If the root has cracked, then the tooth will have to be removed. If the root is still intact, root canals in Searcy can be used to save the tooth.

Many people have heard that root canals are painful. This isn’t the case. The dentist uses a powerful numbing agent to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. Most people only feel a gentle pressure and tugging as the dentist cleans out the tooth root. Long and flexible needles are used to clean out the root. The dentist then inserts a soft medicated temporary filling. Depending upon the patient’s overall health, he might prescribe antibiotics to prevent the spread of infection. Usually the patient does not feel a lot of discomfort after the procedure. Usually over-the-counter painkillers are effective. Any patient that continues to feel pain should contact their dentist.

After about 10 days, the patient returns to complete the root canals in Searcy procedure. Anesthesia is used again to numb the jawbone. The temporary filling is removed and the dentist inspects the tooth for any signs of infection. If the tooth root is healthy, then the dentist inserts a permanent filling. To get to the root area of the tooth, the dentist has to drill down through the top of the tooth. The top of the tooth usually experiences significant decay as well. As a result, there is very little left of it. The dentist often has to install a dental crown over it it stabilize it. Once the root canal and crown are complete, the tooth is healthy, strong and attractive. Anyone who would like to learn more about root canals can visit They can also schedule an appointment or ask a question.