Reasons to Seek the Advice of an Attorney in Rockwall, TX

While many people go through life without having to deal with a major legal issue, there are other situations that call for the expertise that only an attorney in Rockwall, TX can provide. The thing to remember is that attorneys are capable of dealing with situations that have nothing to do with a trial or some sort of civil suit. Here are a few examples of when the aid of an attorney will come in handy.

Buying a Home

While it may seem a little extreme to secure legal counsel when considering the purchase of a home, this is actually a great idea. An attorney in Rockwall, TX will be able to conduct a check on the history of the home and make sure there are no outstanding liens or claims on that property. There is also the ability to review past sales and make sure that the details regarding the acreage and other factors have remained constant every time the ownership has changed hands. This type of due diligence will help prevent the possibility of awkward issues in the future.

Preparing a Last Will and Testament

An individual does not need to have a great deal of wealth in order to prepare a last will and testament. Even if the client has little more than some money in the bank and the belongings in an apartment, there is still the necessity of making sure those things are passed on to loved ones. An attorney can create a will that meets all legal standards and will make it possible to pass all assets and personal belongings on to others without the need to deal with the problems associated with dying intestate. Click here to get more details.

The Matter of Estate Planning

Over time, there is the need to make some decisions about other aspects of the estate, such as establishing trust funds. The fact that there are many different types of trusts can make this task a little confusing. An attorney can go over the pros and cons of each type, helping the client settle on the kind of trust that will produce the desired solution.

For help with any type of legal issue, contact the Law Office of Tim Hartley Rockwall, TX today. After the first meeting, it will be easier to understand how to move forward and what the attorney can do to make the outcome a favorable one.