Real Estate for Sale in San Francisco- House or Condo

Real estate is typically going to be your biggest investment, finding the best value in real estate for sale in San Francisco will help you to get more for your investment. There are a few things to consider when you are making decisions about where you want to live in SF and what type of housing is going to be best for your lifestyle.

Consider the Cons of Home Ownership

It may sound attractive to purchase a home instead of a condo but before you call the agent you may want to consider some of the cons of buying a house over buying a condo:

1. Homes require maintenance, lots of maintenance. While it is true you may have to do a few things around the condo it is also true that anything outside your condo walls you do not have to worry about. Ask yourself how many weekends you are willing to dedicate to lawn work, cleaning out gutters, managing exterior issues and more? If it fits into your lifestyle than it may be an option for you but do keep in mind, you can have access to a garden, lounge in a roof top terrace, sit by the rooftop fireplace, have a place to stow your bike and more in a condo.

2. What do you do when the hot water heater goes or the heating system, or the air conditioning system? Buying a home is expensive whether you buy a house or a condo, but when you consider the cost of dealing with heating/ac/hot water problems, you can easily see how a condo may be the better deal.

3. Other maintenance like clearing debris from trees, dealing with landscaping and other exterior maintenance bumps in the road can put a real damper on your lifestyle. A condo is a better solution if you just do not want to have to deal with any of it.

Your Lifestyle

Ultimately your lifestyle will dictate which setting is best for you, consider both options and make the decision based on how you imagine your life being. Can you see yourself living carefree in a great condo with all the amenities you need to support your lifestyle? Before you make a decision go see what the Austin has to offer, it is conveniently located on Pine and Polk and has the amenities that can help you decide!