Practicing Alternative Medicine: What Nature Can Do for You

The world of medicine has grown extensively from its days of superstition and bloodletting. But even before those days, nature has provided a bounty of medicinal resources that those with alternative medicine degrees have learned to unlock. Natural, homeopathic remedies offer a wide range of alternative treatments that some may find relief in. Let’s take a look at just a few of the treatment options alternative medicines can offer to you.

Herbalism. Plants can have a profound effect on the human body, but not everyone knows how to unlock their health benefits. Those who have studied herbal medicine study a branch of botany coupled with human anatomy, granting them a deep understanding of the biology of human bodies, and how to alter that biology to create a profound, healthful effect.

Acupuncture. Widely practiced in Asia, acupuncture utilizes the body’s nerves to unwind tensions or pain within in the body. There is a certain mysticism about acupuncture; Eastern masters believe that acupuncture increases the body’s flow of qi, natural energy that is disrupted by a wide variety of diseases. Western scientists don’t exactly know how acupuncture works, beyond a hypothesis that it stimulates nerves within the body. The fact, however, is that it helps some patients who otherwise have not been able to find relief from their pain symptoms.

Reiki. Another Eastern-influenced practice, Reiki is a Japanese practice of stress reduction through touch. The technique is rooted in the belief that a Reiki master can channel energy through a patient’s body, thus promoting pain reduction and spiritual clarity. Reiki is similar to massage, but without the physical stimulus to the body, instead focusing on spiritual energy.

Practitioners with alternative medicine degrees can unlock the body’s healing capabilities and can offer you relief from your pain symptoms with natural remedies. Nature was the world’s original healer; take advantage of what mother nature has to offer.