Optometrists in Grand Rapids Perform Important Services

If you have problems with your vision you may need to see an eye professional, and an optometrist can help you with many types of eye problems. In fact, optometrists in Grand Rapids offer important services to many people in the Western Michigan area. Here is more about the profession and why you may want to make an appointment soon.

What is an Optometrist?

Optometrists must attend at least three years of college, followed by four years of optometry school. After this training, they are doctors of optometry (O.D). These doctors undergo extensive training and must take courses in human anatomy, pharmacology, psychology, laser procedures, and many more disciplines. An optometrist can take care of many things related to vision, such as:

* Common vision problems like far-sightedness, near-sightedness, presbyopia (vision problems older people usually develop, which require reading glasses) and astigmatism.

* Eye examinations

* Can diagnose and treat cataracts, glaucoma, and problems with the retina.

* Help people with vision problems determine what is wrong, and offers solutions.

* Help patients with eye problems related to diabetes and high blood pressure.

* Emergency care for eye injuries

* Eye care for those with prosthetic eyes

* Prescribe eye glasses for a number of purposes

* Work with companies for setting up vision care programs

* Vision screenings for schools and other organizations

* Work with doctors on problems like diabetes and hypertension, to coordinate health care

* Physical therapy for injures related to vision

Why See Optometrists in Grand Rapids?

There are many good reasons to consider making an appointment with an optometrist, for example:

* Has it been several years since you had an eye exam?

* Do you find it hard to read small print?

* Are you experiencing unexplained headaches after reading for a while?

* Do you eyes hurt or sting often?

* Are you seeing strange things like spots or floaters?

* Do you ever see flashing lights in the dark?

* Do you have any kind of vision concerns at the moment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider an eye exam soon. Vision is nothing to take for granted, especially as you age. Many eye disorders and diseases come on slowly and with no symptoms. Early detection can save your vision and even your life in some cases. When you look for eye doctors, check out optometrists Grand Rapids trusts. Look for doctors of optometry with experience and a good reputation in the community.

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology has some of the best optometrists has to offer. We provide complete vision care and services and are here to serve the needs of Western Michigan with 11 locations. For more information, visit our website today at URL.