Napkin Folding 101 – How to Fold Linen Napkins

Presentation is everything when it comes to hosting a social function, from the food to the linen napkins. However, it can be hard to figure out how to fold them, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge.

These suggestions will help you in your quest to create beautiful folded napkin designs that won’t stress you out and will have your guests asking how you managed to do it.

Tip: These folds, and most others work best with square napkins.

Incorporate Your Cutlery. An easy way to give your place settings an organized look is to incorporate your utensils into the napkin. Create a small pouch to put the cutlery in, then let your guests be amazed by the compact way you’ve organized the place settings. Plus, it’s so simple to do that you can get the kids involved, too!

Add Something Personal. Adding a name card or photograph to your napkin display will make your guests feel welcome and thought of. First, print either a name or a simple photograph (or something else!) onto a strip of paper. Then, roll up your napkin and wrap the paper around it! This display can also produce a lovely keepsake to remember the event.

Send An Envelope. The envelope fold is a favorite of both the guests and the one doing the folding. The directions are simple and do not take much time at all. If you want to add a bit of flair, add little notes or flowers on the inside for people to take home afterward.

Setting up for an event shouldn’t require learning origami.  Creating elegant folds for linen napkins is simple, and most folds give you creative freedom to add your own touch to the display. And the best part is when the party is over, you can wash and iron the napkins to do it all over again.