Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Moving Companies In Louisville

The best moving companies in Louisville spend time with each of their customers, regardless of the size or the cost of the move, to ensure they have the support they need for the process. They work with a focus on customer satisfaction, and they understand that a move is a difficult thing to get through, particularly if it is a long distance move to a new place.

Unfortunately, within the reputable moving companies advertising their services, there are always a few less than reputable and less than ethical individuals. These companies are rarely in business for very long, but that doesn’t mean they don’t initially look like a valid and dependable company, at least at first glance.

By learning about the red flags to watch for when talking to moving companies, you can avoid the common mistakes that can end up costing a lot of money. As a good general rule, staying with the national or international moving companies with a significant time in business is always the best option to consider.

Choosing on Price

That old saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is is certainly correct when it comes to quotes and estimates from moving companies. By getting, at least, three quotes, you can determine if the amount estimated is realistic, or if it is part of a moving scam.

A very low quote will only happen if the company estimates the weight of the cargo by a phone interview or an online checklist. This will result in a non-binding quote, which means the company can increase the total cost to the actual weight on the truck. Unethical moving companies will intentionally quote low and then the amount will increase dramatically once your items are already on the truck and route.

Cash Only Please

The top moving companies will have options for a wide range of payment types. This can include cash, credit or debit cards, certified check or other payment options that can be discussed at the time of signing the contract.

These same companies will not ask for a huge deposit, and they will not indicate that they only accept cash. The reason less reputable companies want cash and a big advance is they already know the customer is not going to be satisfied, and they can’t risk a cancelled check or a chargeback because of the issues.

Do your research, read online reviews, and stay with one of the established and recognized moving companies in Louisville to have a positive moving experience.