Make Your Smile Beautiful With Veneers in Keizer, OR

A person’s smile can be a beautiful thing, provided their teeth look great and they are aligned properly. Unfortunately, the teeth of most people aren’t evenly spaced or may be misshapen, damaged or stained. This can cause the person to feel unhappy with the way their teeth look and most folks handle this situation by not smiling. This tends to make other people believe the person has emotional issues or may be unfriendly. Luckily, this problem can usually be fixed by the use of veneers in Keizer OR.

The use of veneers in Keizer OR, is a simple way to cover a variety of dental problems. For instance, veneers can hide severe stains that aren’t easily removed with dental whitening. Veneers can improve a person’s smile by making their teeth appear to be uniform in either size or shape. This simple procedure is much easier than attempting to correct the position of the teeth through the use of braces or adjusting their size or shape by filing them.Dental veneers in Keizer OR, are a thin porcelain shell that covers the front or visible area of the teeth.

Porcelain is used for several reasons, including having a similar color to natural teeth and the strength of the material. The use of veneers originally had a bad reputation because this cosmetic procedure was difficult to apply. Modern veneers have the advantage of being very strong so that very little effort is required to prepare the teeth. In fact, most dental veneers can be placed in one or two office visits, and most of that time is spent designing the veneer.On certain occasions, the veneer may come loose or require refitting.

The dentist can repair veneers in Keizer OR, with the application of a simple adhesive as long as the veneer isn’t damaged. A damaged veneer may be the result of a crack, chip, or split, which might mean the dentist will need to make a replacement. Today’s veneers are designed with the help of computer systems. This allows the use of very thin material while ensuring a snug fit. The end result is a veneer that looks great without appearing excessively huge. A poorly designed veneer often looks too large or gives the impression it doesn’t fit properly.