Make fun and whimsical treats using a cake pop pan

If you are looking for new and creative ways to make treats for an upcoming occasion the cake pop pan could be the perfect solution for you. This is a pan that is also like a mold and forms the cake into a ball or pop. Once the cakes have cooked, a stick is inserted into them and the exterior is decorated to create edible lollipop cakes. These cute and inventive treats are ideal for any occasion especially for a kid’s birthday party event.

How to use the cake pop pan

Using the cake pop pan is relatively simple and involves mixing the cake batter as you normally would. Use your favorite cake recipe to create a delicious cake that everyone will be sure to love. After mixing up the cake batter, your next step will be to pour it into the pan so that it can set properly. Follow the directions for baking it until just browned, soft, and moist. Once your cake pops are ready to come out and after cooling, you can begin applying your decorations.

Decorating your cake pops

By far one of the most fun parts of baking with a cake pop pan is the idea of decorating the finished products. You can decorate your cake lollipops in any way you prefer according to the theme of your event. If it is a wedding, you can choose to ice your cake pops and then adorn them with silver or gold dragees. However if it is a child’s birthday party primary colors used in the icing are usually a popular choice. No matter how you choose to decorate your finished products, you are sure to enjoy using your cake pop pan to create delightful treats for your guests.

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