Is It Time to Talk with the Dentist About a Tooth Crown in Pewaukee, WI?

Many people have heard about crowns for the teeth, but never actually understood why they come in handy. The fact is that choosing to have a Tooth Crown in Pewaukee WI, will help with a number of dental issues. Here are a few examples of situations that would prompt a patient to ask a dentist if getting a crown is a wise move.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

One of the more common reasons to consider the idea of a Tooth Crown in Pewaukee WI, is a cracked tooth. Teeth can become cracked for a number of reasons. The crack may be due to an injury sustained in an accident or even from something as simple as biting on something that was much harder than expected. The nice thing about the crown is that it helps to protect the tooth and prevent the cracking from getting any worse.

Even if the top of a tooth is chipped, that still means a portion is left exposed. Rather than run the risk of developing some sort of problem, it pays to have the chipped area capped. Once the work is done, the tooth will easily blend in with the rest of the teeth.

Adding Strength After a Filling

Cavities are often treated by removed the decay and filling the space using various types of materials. When the amount of decay present basically left only a shell of a tooth, it helps to consider adding a crown. Doing so will work with the filling and the remainder of the tooth to prevent any further damage. As a result, the patient can avoid having to have the tooth extracted.

Help with Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help to fill in spaces where two or three teeth are missing. While the bridges are relatively stable, adding crowns can help to keep them more securely in position. The crown can also be tinted to help the bridge blend in with the surrounding teeth. As a result, the patient will worry less about the bridge moving out of position at some point during the day.

There are other situations in which investing in a Tooth Crown makes sense. Have a complete dental checkup and talk with the dentist about how a crown could help with a chipped tooth or some other minor issue. The patient may be surprised how easily a crown can improve the smile and also provide additional protection for the teeth. Visit Pewaukee Dental for more information.