Injury Lawyer in Tucson: Procedure Involved in a Personal Injury Case

If you suffered injuries as a result of someone else’s fault or negligence, you can sue them to have you compensated through their insurer. Here is the procedure followed when dealing with personal injury case.

1. The process begins by collecting the evidence to prove that you actually suffered injuries due to negligence of the other party. The negligent party should take responsibility and compensate you.

2. The negligent party will then contact their insurer–if they are insured–and find out if their insurance company covers your type of accident. The insurance company and the negligent party will assess your injuries, and if the compensation demands are reasonable, they will then compensate you. However, everything has to be done in writing.

3. You can try out of court settlement even without a lawyer. If however what they are offering is not satisfactory, negotiate more and if they become stubborn and stick to their initial offer, then involve a lawyer. In cases where the other party totally refuses to co-operate, you need an attorney to settle the matter in a court of law. An experienced Injury Lawyer in Tucson will help you with the filing process and offer you sound advice on dos and do not’s during the case.

4. The attorney will look at your case and tell whether you have a valid case or not. If valid, he will represent; however, in other cases he might advise you to dismiss the case.

5. The attorney will let negligent party know that you filed a case in the court of law against them. He will also write a demand letter to them showing all the losses you incurred and the amount you are claiming from them. The other party may decide to meet your demands, refuse to co-operate or negotiate with you until you have reached an agreement.

6. If not settled, you can file a lawsuit and take the case to trial. Before the trial, efforts to achieve settlement are made but if all efforts fail, the case will proceed to court and evidence from both parties will be reviewed for the jury to make a sound decision.

That is how you can go about filing a personal injury case. For more information about personal injury law and hiring a competent Injury Lawyer in Tucson, click here