If Charged With a DUI or DWI, You Need a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Saint Paul, MN

Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is never a wise choice, especially given today’s philosophy of zero tolerance. The days are long past where one could politely tell the police officer, “It’s OK. I’ve only had a couple of beers, and I’m almost home.” Some people are capable of driving under the influence. However, that’s not the issue here, but rather what their blood alcohol content or BAC is. If charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), do not waste time. Contact a drunk driving lawyer in Saint Paul, MN.

The operation of a vehicle is prohibited at 08 percent or higher BAC. This is the standard across the United States for being determined to have impaired driving. In Minnesota, a lower limit of .02 percent for minors (under the age of 21) and .04 for commercial drivers is also in place.

If stopped at a random DUI checkpoint and asked to pull off to the side, a charge of DUI is almost a given. Individuals charged with a DUI will face hearings with the state of Minnesota’s Department of Motor Vehicles and also, criminal court. The law is strict with drunk drivers, and although first-time offenders generally receive lesser penalties and fines, they quickly increase in severity for each subsequent conviction.

A first-time DUI or DWI offense may result in the following: a jail term of up to 90 days, $1,000 in fines and penalties, suspended license up to 90 days, and the installation of an Interlock Ignition Device. Minnesota also has what is called a Lookback Period, which is a period of time (10 years) during which all prior DWI’s are relevant in determining one’s sentence. In addition, the state of Minnesota shares DWI information with several other states as well, which can impact sentencing.

Without a doubt, those charged with a DUI or DWI need to be represented by a law firm specializing in this area of practice, such as Brandt Criminal Defense in Saint Paul, MN. Visit the website and take the first step by having your case evaluated. It is imperative to hire an attorney with extensive knowledge of the judicial system. A drunk driving lawyer in Saint Paul, MN, can help you navigate the legal system, especially when it comes to DUI’s and DWI’s, where multiple charges, penalties, and fines exist.