Identification and Extermination of Termites

One word that often terrifies homeowners is “termites.” If they’re caught early enough, most damage can be prevented. However, if they’re not caught in time, the homeowner faces extensive damage to their home and having to take more extreme measures to remove the termites from the home. It’s important to know what to look for to be sure the termites are spotted and removed as quickly as possible.

Termites move into the wood inside a home. One way they’re spotted is through the dust they leave on window seals, baseboards, or anywhere else when they start to dig into the wood. On a closer inspection, the homeowner may see a few tiny holes in the wood. This typically can be seen on window seals, baseboards and even door frames. At this time, the person needs to call a Termites Exterminator in Baltimore MD immediately to stop the termites.

If the termites are not noticed when they first arrive, a homeowner may start to notice damaged wood around their home. Baseboards or door frames may look like they’ve been chewed on. With a closer inspection, the homeowner will see many tiny holes and tunnels going through the wood. At this point, they may be able to gently press on the wood to see how bad the damage is. If the wood crumbles when it’s touched, the infestation is growing and a termites exterminator in Baltimore MD has to be called immediately.

If termites are spotted, no matter how extensive the damage, an exterminator is going to be needed to make sure they are removed as quickly as possible. The termites can eventually eat through all of the wood in the home, weakening the structure and making it an unsafe place to live. The exterminator will do a thorough inspection of the home to find out how extensive the infestation is and how much damage has already been done. Then, they can work with the homeowner to develop a treatment plan.

Termites can do devastating amounts of damage to a home if they’re not handled properly. If you think you might have termites or you’d like to learn more about them so you can spot an infestation early, be sure to visit today.