How to Inspect Your Shingle Roofing in St. Augustine FL

Your roofing system is an important part of your home’s appeal. It can easily detract or add to the aesthetic value of your home’s exterior. Your roof is responsible for insulating your home. It also protects household occupants and interior goods from weather elements. Because it’s so essential; it’s advisable to perform regular inspections on your Roofing in St. Augustine FL. Performing this preventive roofing will help you find problems before they worsen.

Before you do an inspection of your Shingle Roofing in St. Augustine FL, you’ll need to have the right equipment. Use fall-protective gear such as harness and elongation rope. Wear slip-resistant shoes to prevent falling from the roof. Any ladder you use should be sturdy. When you have an especially steep roof, consider using a ladder system. This will allow you to have more stability. Only do an inspection when the weather is mild. Make sure you have plenty of sunlight to perform this job.

Start your inspection by looking for cracked, missing, or damaged shingles. Place a small flag to mark such as spot. You can fix this or replace the shingle at a later time. Ensure in straight lines to prevent missing any areas. You will have to prevent missing any spots. When you do have to deviate from this pattern of walking, continue with this method of inspection right away. Look at the flashing on the roof. Flashing is where two planes meet. You will have to look for cracks and crevices where water can enter your home.

Head up to your attic to view the underside of the roof. Use a flashlight with a high-intense beam to observe the general condition of the roof. Are there dark spots? Are there areas where sunlight is shining through the roof? These could be signs that a leak is present, or a leak is about to form. Mark these spots with a small flag. You can return to fix them later.

Your roofing plays a huge role in keeping your indoor air at a desired temperature by preventing heat loss. For additional resources, get in touch with an expert at Neal Strickland Roofing Inc. This business can handle residential and commercial roofing services for enhance customer service. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.